Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fourth Round of Comments

Hello Bob, I am visiting from across the states. I was thoroughly touched by this memorial. I am from Italy and my grandmother still remembers the horrors of war during WW II, like in 1941-1945. Thank you reminding me and all those who stumble upon this memorial, what the true spirit of this country is really about. As a future citizen thank you. Audra, Orlando, FL

Don't forget 9-11 Let's not blame Bush only, Congress and Senate. Everybody bears the blame. Simon S.

This is very cool.. My step dad was Col. B. N. USAF and proud Vietnam Vet Pilot. I am proud of our veterans! Thanks for the memorial. Greg M., neighbor

I think this is the coolest thing ever! I am Greg M.'s daughter Summer M. and I am 10. My grandpa died from lung cancer and he was a colonel in the air force. Summer M.

Bob. Keep up the good work. I am with you 100% Stu.

Thank you !

A "just war" is an oxymoron. Kehley M., Fairhope, Alabama

Thank you for taking the time to remember the heroes who risk their lives! Cassidy A.

I've walked by multiple times (I live up the street) and your wall always makes me think and realize how lucky I am. One of my best friends went to Iraq and luckily returned with only a serious injury. Thank you for making the sacrafice of these great Americans public. God bless Hagan O.

Bob, Thank you for speaking out and illustrating your point in a dramatic and effective way. Your voice is the voice of patriotism stemming from rational thoughts. It is a comfort to know that I am not alone in these opinions for I feared at times I was a stranger in my own land. thank you again and I will plan on bringing my children down this way to show them your patriotic message. Robin S.

Good for you! So many of us, myself included, share your sentiments, but do not voice them. Thank you for speaking up. I hope people listen. CR

Since the Republicans and God won't end the war - maybe the Dems will. Bring em home. VS

Nice work Bob! Thank God for free speech! Hopefully "the end" is on the horizon. ANP

So cool and welcomed and needed - Bless you and thanks! Susan H.

Thanks for your expression of what a lot of us feel. You honor our traditions of free expression. JWM

I feel the same way as you do and have felt this way since 9/11. We'll vote for Obama and hope peace will come to us with our troops. Love, Marie M.

Thanks Bob and Michelle (for the publicity)! Martha A.

11-1-08 Help is on the way!!! Two more days!

Right on!! Well done!!

Hey Bob - Appreciate your statement! Of course no one is sent to die. You know that. But I agree they shouldnt have to go. I just don't want to be guilty of looking the other way either. Like Hilter's Germany we must stand up to tyrants. Iraq, Darfur, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Congo, Zimbabwe. We must pick our battles for sure. But, we can't stand by and just protect our own home and hearth. Your effort is a wall of honor and a tragedy that anyone must die.
Your friend, Dave H.

Omaira A. - Manhattan Beach resident Nov. 3, 2008
Day before election - day after my mom's birthday - I stumble upon a peculiar house that caught my attention. Not only to find a landmark notch on my beach run, but what I believe to be is a historical monument. The more I observe, the more I learn about our natural humility towards the connection we, as a country have, for our citizens. I grew closer the the hand-written names as if I had written them if my brothers' names could have been on it. Although their chosen path was not in Iraq, it could very well have been. And still I find this notebook. You have given us. Or shall I say, helped provide us with our God-given freedom -- of speech. A paper, a pen, and our thoughts. Thank you for your sympathy. Thank you for your courage. insight and your caring heart. Because of your unselfish and humane efforts, this particular Monday has found me personally enriched. God bless you , your family and our extended families lost and still fighting. And God Bless America.

I am proud to have served and I honor the sacrifice of the fallen. Sean G. US Navy

Nov. 5, 2008 Bob, Well I hope we can make a change and put an end to this tragic era of US government. Let's all work together for peace and hope for a better tommorrow. Thanks for bringing these honorable people to our attention and into our memories. Frances B.

Nov 7 Barack Hussein Obama The air even feels differently, anything is possible. People of my generation and the ones after can live and grow without any glass ceilings or inbred racial/sexual oriented bias or prejudice. America has spoken, "Yes we can!" Tannis N. age 20 Torrance, CA

God bless and heal those who hate. May our Blessed Mary be with the mothers of those honored men and women to provide comfort and healing.

I'm sorry you are a veteran - the majority disagrees with you. Also the Congress voted three times to attack Iraq and the U.N. (who will rule us under Obama).

I appreciate the resistence to WAR. "Freedom Plan" please! We are no different than the enemy. But these men and women are brave and trusting and we need them. Thanks for paying them respect. Carson. R. Kelawna , B.C. Canada

You have stated eloquently what had needed to be said for 7 years. The media who couldn't wait for the war to begin (martial music-slogans-Wolf Blitzer) Still have not addressed the underlying lie which put us there- thank you. This is a moving tribute indeed.

Wow - Hope for change


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