Saturday, October 25, 2008

Second round of Comments

Beautifully done.  It brought tears to my eyes.  We have lost so much.  McCain's choice of Palin demonstrated that he is no "maverick" but will serve the same politicians as Bush.  His agenda is to get elected, using every stratagem that W's king-makers used.  I fear for my country. 

WOW! We (heart) you and we (heart) Obama!  Have a good day!


Bob! (from Constance R.   Extreme Make-Over:Home Edition)  Your former next-door neighbor, Connie, wants to thank you for your thoughtful memorial.  Your heart, ever in the right place, is expressed in every way.  Even your built environment, your home, expresses the truest and highest nature of your heart and the heart of your family.  I am happy beyond belief to see "Our Lady of El Porto" here on your terrace--as she once graced mine.  It makes perfect sense--that you would honor those who have loved us and our great country on the very foundation walls of your home.  Thank you for your continuing kindness.   
Your former neighbor,   Connie

Thank you for illustrating how many lives have been lost for our country---Judy H. and Jennifer

Excellent Virgil G.

While I appreciate your view, I do not wholly agree.  As an Air Force Vet I spent 2 years of my life in Turkey, 1.5 years in Bahrain, 1.25 years in Saudi Arabia supporting sanctions against Iraq. Sadam was an evil man and the world is better off without him.  Should we have invaded?  I don't know.  Could have been done better?  Yes!  I do know we are there now and need to finish it.  Those of us in the US Military are volunteers and meet our nation's call.  We need to choose our leaders wisely.  I do appreciate you remembering (honoring) those who have met our nation's call with their lives.  Leadership is a mountain.  You have to hope the one at the top (who has the best view) does right by those behind and below him.  Even if you try to walk around the mountain the view is not as good as that on top!  So choose carefully when you vote.  Remember avoiding a fight is not always the right course either.  We are lucky to have the most powerful military ever, but blood maybe (will) be shed (who knows mine) (I am still in the AE Reserve).  Having been to Iraq, Pakistan and all the places we fight I know 90% of people are at heart good.  While we can't be unilateral in our approach we need to be a bulwark against tyranny and oppression.  Yes we have problems here but we created those and hurt ourselves. There is no us/them any more.  The world is approaching a point where we will all depend on each other.  Someone needs to lead this unification, and as the most powerful country on earth by any standard we need to make smart choices personally, politically, professionally and militarily, if we are to remain leaders of the free world.  Investigate the issues, become educated on the facts and then VOTE.  
This is what these men and women died for.  To give you this right.
Brian DFC, OIF, OEF   Vote!!!

You are insane

Bob,  I consider your actions to be that of a true patriot!  I see a man who cares deeply about human life and his country.  I honor and respect you.  Thank you for your service and your voice.
You are my kind of American!   Sky H.

Remember -- Freedom is not Free!

I salute and honor our heroes.  They volunteered to free Iraqis from tyranny.  God bless America and may God bless our troop.
Thank you Bush for your patriotism and for protecting us from our enemies.

We are song writers and we will write something about your lovely work.  Maybe u will hear it one day?  Claudice & Sarah!  Bff's  (The Prodigy's)

With you all the way!  Von - USMC 1966-70      3 Purple Hearts in Vietnam  100% disabled veteran.

Thank you for showing me just how bad this war really is!   I hope one day we can all live in peace, love and happiness.  "Freedom is not free, a veteran paid for it."
Live Love Laugh  Sarah  M.

Vote McCain 4 president!

To Bob,  We are only kids  Me and my bff saw your master piece  I learned 2 appreciate things more!

I can only hope that the rest of this wall doesn't get full.  Thank you for reminding me not to take my life and those around me for granted.  J. K.

Go McCain & Palin

Thank you for bringing this sacrifice home to remind us how damaging this foreign policy and the war in Iraq has been to our great nation.

You write beautifully.  Thanks for helping to reveal the truth.  Jan C.

Thanks for your moving and reasoned statement.  Would that all veterans have your clear insight.  Carol C. NYC

Go McCain Palin (sick)

For those who don't think we should be fighting Al Quaeda and all other forms of terrorism, go live in any other country in the world.  Then maybe you will begin to appreciate what you've got right here!

Thank you this is real support for our troops.  We need to know about and appreciate their sacrifices.  And we need to take responsibility --our elected government caused this.

Right on!!!

A nice testament to those who have died serving our country.  It makes me sad that their deaths will be (and are) used as political capital.  Jaclyn B.

Thank you for the time spent for this loving tribute.  Pray to end this war and all future wars. Nan C.

Hi Bob--
I leave back for Iraq in less than 2 weeks.  I'll miss the ocean runs and my neighborhood but will think fondly on you and this wall.  Thank u!  Karin K.

Welcome home soldiers!  xoxo Irene

That's why!  We God the Lord doesn't any mistakes!  Always remember this!   Mr. Dynamite

Thank you!  You speak not only from your heart but from that of many of us who are horrified by what the Bush administration has reduced our beloved country to.  P EACE IS PATRIOTIC
Vote Obama  I. M.

Thank you sooo much.  Well said.   I just photographed your message.  I'm working on the Obama campaign in Monterey County.  Alexandra M.

Bob,   Thanks for doing this.  What you said reflects our thoughts.  Nov. 4 we must go in a new direction on this and many things.  Kevin and Chris P.

This is a very thoughtful memorial.  To actually see all the people's names is really sad!  Brett and Jennifer

Beautifully and intelligently displayed and explained--Thank you--Portia C.

Thanks for doing this.  Wow!  This is a real eye-opener...  I pray for peace every night.  Hope to meet you sometime, Bob.  I don't usually walk down this far (from H.B.) But I just might start!) Melinda R. Redondo Beach 

Thank you!!! We're putting up a memorial of our own, inspired by your tribute.     PJ, HB

Hopefully this will serve as a reminder to everyone how senseless wars are.   
Michael, Hamburg, Germany

Please waterproof this for when winter rains come!  More people nationwide need to read this!

Thank you for your time and recognition of our troops  God Bless    Rich N.

Faith Love Hope  -SDL

Very neat piece  - SR

Obama is a socialist--I would rather fight for freedom than give it up to his agenda--  PS Do you want Chicago thugs in the White House?  Bill Ayers,  Director of Homeland Security?

Thanks you for recognizing our fallen soldiers  Eric S.

Thank you for caring and taking a stand  S. D.

Bob & Michelle - Beautiful work and an inspiration towards peace  Love Joyce S.

Thank you for doing this!  You have my vote  Rebecca K.

Great!  Thank you!  This is a great thing to do --- very well stated!  Jeff and Pierre  Vancouver, BC   All Americans should read your letter.   Please send it to the editors of all the newspapers in the U.S.A!

Thank you ! Magnificent! thank you for your courage and willingness to spread the truth!  D. J.

Vote 2008 Blue   I agree with your fully.  How can we change the American Government?  So many corrupt Senators,  $ their ideas of Americans.  Yes I do agree with you 100%.  There are many Americans such as myself who believe that CHANGE IS FAR PAST DUE.  How do we change our government?  Who is the real executive power for 2008?  They all tell lies to get there!

I am deeply touched by your efforts!  I feel as you do.  No more killing.  Not our sons and daughters.  Not Iraqi sons and daughters.  Let Peace Prevail!  Margaret G.

Thank you! Mr. Perkins   To Others - If you believe in God how can you believe in war?

Think Global Act Local - Thank you

It's a shame not more people in our country feel and know the truth of the great men and women serving our country.   God sees them.  And that's what helps me smile  - Elijah C.

You are stupid

Dear Bob, What a most wonderful and touching reminder of who we should aspire to be as a people and as a nation.  We salute your for this wonderful memorial and your eloquent words. Thank you!  Markus & Minny R.

Bob,  What an awesome way to show your patriotism.  You're a great man who truly knows the meaning of American.

We are thankful for people like you.  Many thanks for all of your work.  The Bush administration broke my heart and spirit, but I'm back on track and very hopeful. Go Obama! J.

Thank God someone tells the truth, our government is afraid to. If a war is worth fighting, it's worth a vote on it.  Greg P.

Bob:  Thank you.  I agree with you completely.  I suspect Iraqi losses are, in fact, much higher.  I served in the US Army Security Agency 1954-1957.  John R. M. PhD

What an amazing gift you have created in memorium of those who have served for us!  Hillary & Nicole

Thank you !  for reminding those of us that others sacrificed everything to give us a safe home. 
I wish war was not the way.  Love  Diane

It's not!

It's time that we Americans woke up to the reality of what's happening around us.  We do have a say in what nations our country invades and where our honorable soldiers are sent to sacrifice their lives. It gives me hope in the goodness of our country to see candidates like Barak Obama, concerned citizens who spend the time to create such a wonderful display, and the great number of people who have signed this book. I hope that in 2009 we can become a nation that spends more money of healthcare, not warfare, education not incarceration and investing in our young not enlisting them is a war to get more oil.  Go Bless us All! Hoda

God Bless you Bob -- Whether or not people agree with you--I salute your heart, your courage and your leadership in speaking out so eloquently.  SG

West Coast Representation

Thank you for bringing this to light!  What an impact it makes to see the many names of those who have sacrificed their lives for this "war."   Peace  D.

It's nice you respected these people.  I admire what you did.  God Bless. C. W. Redondo Beach

Great idea     Very patriotic   J.C,  Hermosa Beach

Very Touching, Mr. Perkins.  Thank you for speaking out loud!  Sonia (a French Canadian in disbelief)

Amazing monument - but what about the thousand more of innocent Iraqi's?  Shall they remain nameless?  Lisa

To all war veterans  -  War is not the answer  Peace and Love  Cdm. S. a WW II vet.

What you have done here is incredible.  I admire and respect your efforts to honor those who gave their lives in the name of our country and freedom!

I support your work  Asha  Redondo Beach

Mike Petrowski  -  29 years a friend from High School in Washington DC was in an airborne division.

Don't forget to vote!  That's what they sacrificed for.  Thank you for this!  Roz F.

May we all not forget that all these soldiers are now with God.  L.K.

Bob - heartfelt thanks for your service to our country as a veteran and also with this labor of inspiration. We appreciate your ability to express what it also in our hearts and minds. Neighbor on 34th St.

Mr. Perkins,   I commend you for this display of patriotism.  This war is senseless and we don't need to lose anymore Americans to the oil companies  - Steven. T.

Thank God someone is speaking for peace.  It's heart-breaking that we are losing good people to this war - and for what?  Can our Army build schools, hospitals, bridges, electric cars, solar panels here at home?  AMJ

Had we handled this right we could have captured Bin Laden and cleared out with our respect intact, saved thousand of lives and billions of dollars.  John G.

Hi Bob  -  While I honor your service and your right to express your opinion IF YOU LIVED IN IRAQ when Saddam was in power you could have been executed for this display  Also as you note after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1991 --it was Sadam's government not honoring the truce that was the basis for the America invasion.  Willy L        P.S.  the Bath Party was created by Nazi's during WW II

Is there anyone out there who really believes that Palin would be a good president?  God have mercy on us all!  Larry

"Winning the war" !? Is it a "contest"?? Led by the worst (and dumbest, the "proud C student") in the history of the USA!  Don

Thank you for your work and dedication to this memorial C.G.

God Bless your efforts

Perfectly stated !  J. N.

Bob - Thank you.  Our nephew just joined the army and we pray he will not be on your list. Eileen P.

Hi Bob - Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. For your clarity and for your courage!  Yes we can.  April H.W.  This gives me HOPE

Very nice.  Thank you for all the hard work you have put into creating this wall.  Max and Lynne

Bob and Michelle  Bless you for those we we everything to.        Bob and K.  S.

This is an amazing monument! You bring tears to my eye thank you  Sue T.

Great work!  L.A.S.D.  Lennox

Dear Bob  -  Thank you for taking the time and care to bring to our attention the real life costs of war --this war especially.  Your neighbor  Deborah. W.

Dear Bob and Michelle,  You are amazing!  Seeing your mural really touches one's heart.  Thank you too for all you do!  With love, Letizia


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