Friday, October 17, 2008

Comments on the Wall

Thank you for reminding us of how grateful we need to be! And thanks for also shedding light to those who don't realize that it's our gov.'t that continues to jeopardize our troops' lives. Great job. Thankfully, Luis

Thanks, thank you. We need more people like you that value our human race and our country. We thank you and appreciate you.    Alba M. & family My niece is in Iraq right now Thank you again.

These are the heroes in our country that allow us to roam free in the USA. But for these heroes, I have the great fortune to run on this Strand and raise children in a free country. Thank you for recognizing the role of these heroes! 
Vote McCain
{With an arrow pointing to above} Classy. NOT! Vote your heart, support your soldiers and thank you for your service to this county and this memorial. PJ

Troops died as a result of the war. Gov't didn't "send them to die."

This war will end some day! Thank you for putting this out here. Very truthful words. Peace & love, Rose D. & Running Team

I know Jamal Addison. We went to school together in Conyers, GA. I'm glad to see you have paid respect to him. Arman. T.

All these souls for a war we should have never been in: George W. Bush has blood on his hands. Andrew S. Los Angeles

Thanks to all the men and women that had, and have the courage to be on the line of duty. Bless all of them and their families, But still in my belief there should never be any war of any kind at any time. We have mouths to communicate, and strengths to solve problems. Not kill. AICP

Right on! Thank you for your service and honoring those who have made the untimate sacrifice. Paula

This whole display is sick

This comment is what is sick and very scary. McCain is such a "patriot" that he selects Palin---a slap in the face to our country.
On the contrary--this display is what being an American is all about: the right to express your opinion, to engage in an open debate, to disagree without fear of reprisal. Elizabeth

Thank you Bob, Great idea. Randy

This is absolutely right on! Thank you. Gary S.

Dear Bob
Thank you so much for all the time & effort & courage it took to acknowledge all these men & women & to also write your summary at the end. It feels good at least to know that you and others feel the same way that I do. Peace & love, Veronica D.

So often, people forget the true cost of war. These are our children, our fathers, our mothers, sisters and brother--not merely names, but lives. Whether given freely in the name of the freedom that allows us to choose or coerced by patriotic jingoism wrapped around a much larger goal to dominate an oil-rich region--we cannot forget these lives. Thank you for reminding us.
Thank you -

You should be ashamed of yourself saying "the government" sent our troops to die in Iraq. I wonder how good a job you would do in our government. It's easy to blame after the fact. Kathy

Thank you! These names represent lives lost. For no good reason. Robert W.

Bob---Thank you for all your dedicated work & very lucid expression. You reflect our thoughts and agree with your assessment of a serious problem. J and Arthur F.

Thank you--Beyond sad The horror of it ll Vote down Ameridan fascism Go Bama! Allen & Jeanne P.

Thank you for your concern and making more people aware of all the issues--You are a good guy & you are appreciated!! Phylis P.

Shame on you for defiling these men and women's names and patriotism for your political objective To frame this as if leaving Iraq would somehow make the world safer and to suggest Sadam Hussein was somehow a good stabilizing force vis a vis Iran is absurd and incredibly naive. Timothy F. USMC

Your the greatest Lala

Hi people I am nine years old!!

So many "heartbreaks" - so many to still follow- for an unnecessary war that should never been--- Richard

We really respect what you have created here on this wall. Hope it can move the hearts and minds of those who disagree with you to support the end of war. Thank you. Erika

Hi my name is Hayley and Im 14 yrs old. I was walking with my mom and saw all these names and i want you to know that this is the coolest thing i've ever seen. In my america studies class we learned about how corrupt the war was and i think my teacher would really like this! This is so stellar! Haley M. (with a flower face) Your SO Awesome! How long did it take to get all those names?

Can I write in Hayley M. for president Mark H.

Because of these amazing brave HEROES, our country is safe & we have not had another attack. They are true heroes because they chose to defend our country! Susan

"CHOSE"?? Wasn't it Bush/Cheney's "choice"!?

Spot on. What a waste of lives. Bush is nuts--for sure Well done. Bernard

How many innocent people were killed on 911! Can we have their names too? Wake up America! We have to fight for what we believe. Not just sit home and judge! Go McCain Palin, YES!

Thank you, beautifully said. JR

Well put. So true. Brought me to tears --Amy

We are from the U.K. and also do not believe in this war. Vote for Obama and lets hope our governments can bring back our troops. Love Ann & Fred B. Scotland, U.K.


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