Saturday, October 25, 2008

3rd Set of Comments

I was there but made it back - President Bush is fuckin' whack.  Bobby

God Bless U  Bob   We must be the ones to create the peace within our hearts and minds to have peace in the world. Here's to ones that gave their lives for what they believed.  Let's be the change Let's be the love  Let's be the peace      Blessings    Kerri A.

Dear Bob,  God bless you and all veterans who sacrifice their lives for USA.  I am a muslim and US citizen support peace in world.   God Bless you,     a Muslim citizen

Thanks you for this memorial.  Daryl B.  Nebraska

Hi Bob - Thanks for your heartfelt memorial. It hits me there.  I called the Beach Reporter re: your fantastic work.   Don S.

Unjustified war, unwanted occupations, and needless loss has been the unfortunate mantra by which this country has built upon and continues to this day (i.e. the need for your magnificent, but sad wall).   Even more sad, is the recognized need for change...and the pitiful state of acting to do so.  When names that are recognizable to each one of us dawn on your wall,...then we'll see action.  Until the, praises to your "anonymous heroes." S.R.B.  Redondo Beach

Thank you!  I have served in Iraq 2 X's (with the Stage Department which I eventually resigned from out of disgust for out treatment of Iraqis and our own soldiers there) and now live 1/2 the year there working with the people of Iraq to show them the U.S. is not an enemy.  Many of my friends are listed below.  Thank you for honoring them.  Karin 

Right on Bob A.

This is amazing and impressive and so sad--thank you for this "reality."  J.

Thank you!     Steve-- El Segundo

How does the sentence in back end? I presume these are the brave people who were claimed by the Iraq debacle?  Thank you--nice reminder--since we are not allowed to see actual coffins on TV!   I will knock on your door one day--thanks again!    Debbie C.

Good work, Bob.  I look at the names in the paper every day, and we need reminders like this too.  But how does the sentence at the top end?  ---Bart

Magnificent display!  Thank you for the reality check!  What a waste of life....  G.

We appreciate this display. Our son is a Lt. Commander in the US Navy.  He is and all our family are the greatest patriots of America.  E. C.

Great Work...Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time and love and energy to let the world have a chance to know the meaning of life.    May God bless the souls of these Brave Men and Women.  They are now Angels in Heaven watching over us.  Let's all pray that we overcome this time of troubles, war and human errors and return to being a Great Nation under God, that we trust!   HW

Good luck and God Bless.  I hope people appreciate this display and respect it.  Peace is patriotic, not war.

Thank you.  Respectfully,   Molly P, 2nd Lt. , USAF

Makes one realise just how many lives have been wasted.  Amazing commitment for you to do this.  Paul, England

Good work!  It is October 8, 2008 and I believe George Bush is finally realizing the horrors he created.  If you Google...Defense Planning Guidance - 1992, then P.N.A.C.  It's all there!  I salute your wonderful efforts  Richard R.

These people are hero!  Mr. Perkins,   Thank you for doing it!

God Bless you for doing this.  D.G.

Go Obama!


Hi Bob,  Thank you for taking the time to do this project and reinforce a truly sad reality in the U.S.  I was here yesterday.  I told many friends and relatives about this all over USA.  Only here can something so special be found.  I am moved to tears.  God Bless you.  Vote for Obama  F S C resident y 90266

Dear Mr. Perkins,   Peace for everyone on earth!!  No wars anymore.  Wolfgang from Bavaria, Southern Germany

Job well done!  Keep it up!  God Bless you for your spirit of love.  P.M.

Thank you Hopefully it doesn't get much bigger.  J. C.

hello kind sir:  I have noticed your display and it is very nice.  God Bless You   M.R.M

Sex drugs & rock and roll!  (That is disgusting)    (why write that next to war vets?)

My mouth is still hanging open from my amazement, awe, respect I feel from looking at all these names and the work you put into this.  It says way more than anything I've seen.  Thank you for doing this.      Debby M.

You've touched me --thank you!

I'm so proud someone has voiced the feeling of all right minded people.  I hope with all my heart that the Republicans don't steal the election  - Go Democrats   Vicki S.

Dear Mr. Perkins,   What is the list of?  Sorry if someone tore a section just curious.   It seems you have put a bunch of effort in.  Guessing it has to do with the war.  If so Bravo!

(editor's note--the notebook was a steno pad and people started from the front and the back so I starting typing from one of the front pages and some of these above comments were posted when the piece was only partly done and they were guessing at the meaning of the list of names)


What an incredible commitment you have!  Very thoughtful and impressive.  Thank you for doing this! Wow!  Nice mother and child sculpture also..  Ties in with war/peace. 

Thank you for recognizing we will never forget freedom for all.  Francisca, Brussels (Belgium)

They died for America for their buddies next to them, and for you, so you could enjoy this nice view in freedom so be grateful and show some respect.  They were not sent to die.  They (we) went willingly to serve our country and make a better life for the Iraqi people.  Freedom is not free.  Semper Fidelis  Adam C.  Iraq - Feb 04 - Dec 04.

Thank you for providing the ultimate sacrifice for your country.  We need more people like you. Thanks  Matt B & Jared B.

I'm a neighbor.  I am so touched by this memorial.  You have made the reality of this war something to contemplate every day.  Thank you for what you have done.  Suzanne H.

Thank you!  Bring our troops home.  OBAMA!  - Catherine  Man. Bch.

Good for you!  Bring em home.  Bill H.

Bring them Home!  Thank you for your info.  911 was a demolition by Cheney & Bush!  "The Pentagon"  the 1st plane eating building!  Take Care   Doug         It's True!

Wow!  Good for you!!  Why aren't there more people like you.  Thank you!  Connie  

Please add Sgt Aram Bass

Brave lives wasted  Bob W.

Dear Bob,  this is great. It's personal hand work which makes a warm heart!  Thank you very much.  Good work.  J. S.

Bob - Thanx - As a health pro - I served in Viet Nam twice!  67 and Tet in 68...I saw too much stuff!  I wish this was all...I am proud of our effort  Thank you again for your thoughts and recognition of these heroes -  God Bless America  J. C.  DDS

Thank you for reminding us of what war really is like.  Bless every service person for their help.  Kay H.

What a beautiful and thoughtful tribute!  Thank you.  DC

I wish our whole country could see your letter.  Thank you for making people aware!!

We have to end this war  Helmet H.

Thanks for remembering, and keeping the brave soldiers in our thoughts.

What an amazing tribute.  I am so impressed and thank you for keeping their memory and spirits alive and all consciences alert!  You are inspirational and very kind.

Never again...thanks for showing support.  S. K.

Amen  -mb

Thank you for saying so intelligently what so many Americans feel.  God Bless---Jennifer B.

This is important for people to see.  Thank you-!  Suzanne L.  M.B.  Proud Code Pink Supporter

Thank you , and God bless you for your compassion and wisdom.  Mike M.

A heartfelt tribute.  God bless you  Barbara C.

This is really great.  It says something.  I am inspired by your time and patience.  GOBAMA 08'
Alexa R.

......Bush.  I hate him.  what a nazi asshole.  NADER  08'!


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